A Place to Belong

It is finally published.  I can’t believe it is really done.  Yes, I have published a book on Kindle.  (A Place to Belong)

Is there anyone out there more surprised than me?

Now, off to write book 2 in the series. . . .

Your words for the week are

crazy: insane

wonderful: can’t believe it’s done!

amazing: see wonderful

nap: a necessary reprieve for writers who stay up too late

job: something writers do to support themselves



Isaiah 40:31




Maybe I should add “Politics”

I hate it when people intentionally misunderstand in order to cause dissention.  For example, I defended a friend and co-worker’s right to marry a woman who is not the same race as he is. A second student took offense at my question of, “Why is that a problem?” The second child’s parent raised quite a stink.  I was disciplined.  Why must I stifle my opinions simply because not everyone shares my viewpoint?  I ask you, “Is there anything wrong with people of two different races marrying?”  I can find no Biblical instruction about marrying outside your race.  I found, “Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness?”  Nothing there about red and yellow, black and white. (We are all still precious in His sight.)

Don’t vote for Hillary because she’s a woman.  If you want to vote for her because you like her political views, that’s awesome.  Vote your heart, not her gender.

Don’t vote for Donald because he’s a man.  If you want to vote for him because you like his political views, that’s awesome.  Vote your heart, not his gender.

Never vote for anyone based on a demographic variable that they neither chose nor have the power to change.  Vote for him/her because you believe his/her viewpoint is good for humanity, or for Christianity, or for America.  Vote. Your. Heart.

Words for the week:

  1. integrity: honesty, consistency, wholeness
  2. responsibility: duty or control
  3. invent: to create something new
  4. innovate: to change an existing product or system to make it better (or worse, depending on your viewpoint)
  5. encourage:  to infuse courage into someone or a situation



Isaiah 40:31

Too blessed to be stressed

Except the holidays are coming up.  I’m glad I’m done with my Christmas shopping.

I met with an agent over the weekend.  I need to send her 25 pages and a summary.  Two of my daughters are turning into awesome writers. My meager talents pale in comparison.

Just made some homemade bread.  It is awesome with the strawberry jelly I made a few weeks ago.

I’m down 14 pounds since the middle of June.  I’ve hit a small plateau, but I know that I’m going to lose much more.  It is only a matter of time.

I’m starting a walking club at school.  If you’d like to donate a prize to the first kid (or to one of the first several kids) to walk 100 miles, I’d love to partner with you.  Contest starts Monday!

Staying busy, but I know you are, too.

Your words for the week (or month or so) are:

  1.  capricious:  fickle, temperamental, volatile
  2. enigma:  puzzle, mysterious, difficult to figure out
  3. curiosity: strong desire to understand or figure out
  4. anticipation:  excitement or suspense, looking forward to something.
  5. anguish:  severe mental or physical pain


Be blessed!


Isaiah 40:31

A Little Bit Busy

So, I got a part time job this summer.  I asked for 10 to 15 hours a week but they gave me 30 or more.  When school started, I filled out the paperwork again requesting 15 hours or less.  I’m scheduled for 23 hours this week. I’m not complaining–they’ll pay me for every hour.  I’m a little busy; I’m also teaching school and I have 3 preps, 7-8 grade technology engineering, robotics, and 6th grade intro to technology.

I volunteer at church and try to write/re-write/edit at least an hour a day.  If you think I’m ignoring you and not adequately appreciating you as a friend, I apologize.  These are only excuses.  I know several people who make me look lazy in comparison.

The good news is that I’m trying to get a book ready to publish.  Pray for me.  I’m behind on my self-imposed schedule.

God is good.

Your words for this week are honor, integrity, fidelity, credible, and magnanimous.

1.  Honor:  privilege, glory, credit

2.  Integrity:  strong and high moral values

3.  Fidelity:  faithfulness.  This can be to a cause or another person, or a belief.

4.  Credible:  believable

5.  Magnanimous:  generous with money or forgiveness especially to one who is weaker or less powerful.




Isaiah 40:31


When people ask . . .

How have you been?  Most who ask that question are waiting to let you know how they’ve been or what they’ve been doing.  So, I ask, “How have you been?”  and “What have you been doing?”  You’re right!  I want to tell you what’s new in my life.

  1. I now have an LLC.  I was told I needed one to protect me and my rights as a published author.
  2. I now have a copyright!  That part was easy.  Go to the Secretary of State’s website and pay your $35.  Upload your work.  When you’re filling out the necessary forms, read the instructions on each page.  Many times you simply click one box and it fills in everything for you.
  3. Hopefully, my debut novel,  A PLACE TO BELONG, will be available on Amazon/Kindle later this summer.  It is in the hands of beta readers now.
  4. Thank you so much for walking with me in this adventure I call life.  (Okay, I admit it.  You’ve been there all along.  That isn’t new–I do have a new appreciation for you, though.)
  5. One more new thing.  It will go away soon, I hope.  The strap on my computer bag unclicked itself Saturday morning as I was walking into St. Luke’s UMC for the monthly meeting of Oklahoma City Writers, Inc.  The bag with computer, iPad, binders, and extra paraphernalia slid from my shoulder and crashed.  The corner of the bag landed on my foot.   The Bible says that your mouth is directly attached to your heart.  (From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.)  My heart must be absolutely empty.  I didn’t say a word.  I couldn’t.  Yesterday, five days later, I noticed a bruise on top of my foot.  There is a matching bruise on the bottom of my foot.  I’ll bet it goes all the way through.  It’s about 2″ in diameter.  I wonder if anything was broken.  Hurts to walk on it, but not badly enough that I can’t ignore it.

What’s new with you?

Here’s your words for the week.

  1. imprecation:  A curse, spoken.  He spewed his imprecations at my rapidly retreating back.
  2. gelid: really cold.  It can describe winter, winds, comments . . .  His gelid reply caused me to blink in surprise.
  3. grimoire:  a book of spells or incantations, chants, charms, hexes, mumbo-jumbo.  A grand grimoire would be all of a witch’s spells.
  4. magnanimous:  very generous or giving, very forgiving especially when you’re forgiving someone who is not capable of restitution.  Jesus magnanimously forgives my sins.
  5. deleterious:  harmful or causing damage, really bad.  That child has a deleterious impact on the children in his neighborhood.



Isaiah 40:31

Let’s get this published.

You have 30 days.  Get it done.

When Christine Taylor Butler gave me the “Get it published in the next 30 days.”  ultimatum, I was pleased and scared at the same time.  I knew, with two weeks left until school was out, that I’d need two weeks and 30 days.  I will also need an intellectual property attorney, a graphic artist (a picture being worth at least 1000 words), and an accountant.

If you know anyone in those fields, please share my contact info with them.

I went to a Fiction Writers’ Retreat over the weekend.  I was ecstatic over the review I got from Bill Bernhardt.

I need beta readers.  For those of you who are readers and not writers, a beta reader is someone who reads and gives blunt honest opinions, edits, and/or commentary on soon-hopefully-to be-published work.

I wish I could go back in time and ask Louis L’Amour if he had beta readers.

My words for the week are:

  1. aphorism:  a pithy observation or comment that is generally true.  Sometimes called idioms
    1. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. . . .
    2. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

2.  atavistic:  like when you’re scared of spiders for no reason.  An unreasonable (we’re talking about your fears not mine) fear of something for ancient or ancestral causes.  No, I don’t happen to like spiders, but I’m not afraid of them.  I also don’t like lavender.  Most people who are afraid of spiders love the scent of lavender.  I’ve heard that it’s because lavender is a good spider repellant.  Who knew?

3.  imperious:  arrogant and/or domineering, assuming power or authority without justification

4. impecunious:  broke, poor, having little or no money (remember folks, this is not a crime, but it sure feels like the world has committed a crime against you)

5. ignoble: not noble, not honorable in either character or intent or purpose.  Having humble beginnings or social status.  ignoble aboriginals or savages

Blessings to you and yours


Isaiah 40:31






Green Thumbs?

My children have always said that I have a green thumb, and a green hand, and a green arm.  My pink hyacinths have bloomed.  The grape hyacinths were a lovely purple.  Does anyone know if they come in other colors?  My irises are not yet blooming, but I see a myriad of buds.  The ones I got from my Aunt Mary aren’t budding yet.  Red, pink, and white verbena grace the path from the back door to the fence.  I have red honeysuckle.  It is growing like crazy.  I didn’t check it for blossoms or buds.  I bet I get to it later today.

Most of my trees are putting on leaves.  I do have a small problem.  It is my dear little avocado tree.  I got the pit from a friend last winter.  (Thank you, Meleia.)  My tree did fine for over a year.  A few weeks ago, I notice it was leaning terribly to the side, so I cut a twig from one of my cottonwood trees and stuck it in the pot with the avocado to help support it.  I tied them together with a little pink ribbon and voile; my little avocado tree stood straight once more.  But then. . . after a few weeks, the cottonwood twig started putting on leaves.

Makes me say, Hmmmmmm.  I need to go on record as saying that I didn’t plant a cottonwood on purpose.

Todays’ words.

  1. knoll; a small hill, usually a grass covered mound.  Naturally occurring, not man made.
  2. gardener; one who keeps and or cares for a garden whether it is theirs or someone else’s, whether said garden is grown for pleasure or for financial gain.
  3. lissome; thin, supple, graceful, slender, willowy.
  4. guileless; (absence of guile–go figure!)  innocent, not deceptive, pure of thought and action.
  5. insalubrious; unhealthy, dangerous–especially when speaking of a climate or a locality.




Isaiah 40:31

So you want to be a writer.

The first step is (according to Rene G.) get your behind in the chair.  She calls it BIC. Butt In Chair.  She is right.

With that most difficult of all steps taken, write!

It is that easy.  Several authors have been credited for saying, “Writing is easy.  Anyone can do it.  Just sit down and open a vein.”  It isn’t easy to put your heart out there for everyone to pick apart or to love.  It is extremely difficult.  I have reached the point where I am unable to refrain from writing.  I can go a few days, but I have to let the people in my heart and head talk.  I am working on getting published.  This takes almost as much courage and fortitude as parking your hind-end in your chair.  Remember:  you are writing what you want to write and not what they tell you to write.

If you need more advice or how-to information, I’d like to recommend that you pick up a copy of (or download a copy) Darlene Shortridge and Daniel Mawhinney’s book 40 Day Publishing.


AND for our words of the week:

  1. sagacity:  shrewd, canny, wise.  Showing great sagacity, he neatly avoided the overly inquisitive reporter’s ambiguous questions.
  2. sangfroid:  (cold blooded) composure or coolness, sometimes excessive, as shown in dangerous or trying circumstances, composure, poise, self assurance.  Despite the unwarranted attack on his reputation, he replied with great sangfroid.  No one could tell if he was offended or not.
  3. pixilated:  crazy or confused, it may also refer to the blurriness of pictures that have been enlarged beyond clarity’s reach. That boy is pixilated.  No doubt he’s suffering from spring fever.
  4. inchoate:  not fully formed, rudimentary, still in its beginning state.  The new leaders are dealing with an inchoate democracy.
  5. indolent:  lazy, wanting to avoid or avoiding activity or exertion.  The indolent young man wouldn’t get off the couch to fix his own lunch.

Enjoy and Be Blessed!


Isaiah 40:31

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.  Today is my oldest daughter’s.  Next week is my daughter-in-law’s birthday.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Ted’s Escondido by the Outlet Mall in OKC.

Those of you who know me well know that I collect music boxes.  But, the music has to fit the box.  I have a phone that plays I Just Called to Say I Love You.  I have a teddy bear holding a globe that plays It’s a Small World.  A beer stein plays How Dry I Am, my trolley car chimes out the dulcet tones of I Left My Heart in San Francisco.   My clowns all play Here Come the Clowns. 

What I didn’t have until Sunday was a music box dancer that played Music Box Dancer.  I’ve been looking for one for years.  I was probably too picky.  I wanted a pink and white jewelry box with a pop up ballerina that played the right song.  You guessed it.  They all played something else.

But my wonderful children–especially the second one–found a beautiful jewelry box, perfect in pink, white, and gold,  With some help from her brother-in-law, they changed out the musical mechanism for one that played the right tune.   So, yes, Sunday at Ted’s I cried.  I still get teary when I think about how very much I am loved.

I hope each and everyone of you has someone in their life that loves them as much as I am loved even though that much love is a huge responsibility.

Blessings to you and yours.

Isaiah 40:31



This week’s words are:

apotheosis:  the highest point in the development of something, culmination, climax

apropos: with reference to, concerning, about

arcane; mysterious, secret, or perhaps only understandable by few

farinaceous:  flour or cereal made with grains, nuts, or starchy roots

fecund:  producing or able to produce an abundance of offspring, fertile.  Our neighbor’s garden has particularly fecund soil.

Wonderful days to come . . .

I am married to Mr. Wonderful!  Every day I am grateful that he is in my life.  Not every husband is perfect.  Mine is closer to perfection than anyone else’s.  Still on our honeymoon?  Well, yes.  Quite frankly we are.  We’ve only been married a scant eighteen years.  It will be nineteen years this summer.

Everyday that I can get out of bed by myself is a good day.  Lord, help me remember to be thankful for that much.

Everyday that I have enough to eat is a good day.  Lord, help me remember to be grateful for that much–and not overdo it.

Everyday that someone needs me to do anything is a good day.  Not being needed would be a sad place to be.  Help me remember to be grateful that I can help other people.  Help me to be willing to help others.

Help me remember where I once was.  Lord, it has been a very long time since I’ve taken time and remembered what all you’ve brought me through.

Thank you, Father!


This week’s words are chivying, circumspect, convivial, curmudgeon

  1. Chivy:  to tell someone repeatedly to do something.  (Go clean your room.)
  2. Circumspect:  careful, guarded, unwilling to take risks
  3. Convivial:  usually refers to an event or an atmosphere rarely used to describe people, but it means friendly, lively, joyful
  4. Curmudgeon:  not convivial at all!  bad tempered, cranky, surly
  5. Debauch:  to destroy innocence or purity.  Debauchery is corrupting or ruining.


Enjoy your words.  I hope you’re finding them useful!