May your list get longer!

Every year at Christmas I edit my Christmas card list.  People move; I must update addresses.  People divorce or marry and I delete or add names.  Sometimes, I simply put each divorcee on a separate line usually with new addresses for both of them.  I make new friends and add lines.  Children of friends mature and become friends, too.  I add more lines, more names, more addresses.  🙂

But now that I’m getting older, it seems that I have to delete entire lines from the list much more often than in the past.  Friends, family members, and acquaintances are all human.  (No, I will not send a Christmas card to the new baby elephant at the zoo.  Yes, I think I is wonderful that she is here, but not sending her a card.)

My wish for you in 2015 is that your Christmas list gets longer rather than shorter.  May your life be filled with family and friends and good books.  May your “to do” list include benevolent activities.  May you never be bored.

If you’re looking for a book to read, pick up a copy–or order one from Tate Publishing–of Creepers.  I started it and couldn’t put it down.  Did I mention the author was a sixteen year old high school boy?  Yup!  Great writing.   Great reading.  Enjoy