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This, too, shall pass.

I confess I was too fragile to post this in September when I wrote it.  I am stronger today–no guarantee for tomorrow.



So, maybe what you’re going through will pass too quickly and maybe it won’t pass quickly enough.  I know when I’m stuck in an uncomfortable place in my life, it feels like it will never pass.  I know those feelings are more intense for middle school kids.  They think every awful thing will be awful forever.

I heard a preacher on the radio this week admit to taking scripture out of context.  He said, “It came to pass. . .  It didn’t come to stay, it came to go.”  Just remember, it doesn’t matter how wonderful it is, or how awful it is.  It will pass.  Enjoy the good, endure the bad.  Pray for your friends.  Pray twice as hard for your enemies.  They need it.

Today was my Aunt Mary’s funeral.  She had written a note to one of her grandkids not long ago.  She said something like, “Embrace life.  It is amazing when you’ve reached the end of a long and wonderful life how very quick it was.

She was one of those people who always tried to be tactful and kind and gracious.  When that proved to be impossible, she was at least honest if not as gentle as she’d have preferred.

Let us all aim for that.


a work in progress

Aren’t we all works in progress?

This week I am blessed to have my mother with me.  She has said several times, “Well, this isn’t the Thanksgiving we had planned, is it?”

I have to remind her that it is July 4th, Independence day, our country’s birthday.  A few minutes later her mind has returned to November–or sped forward to November.  No one knows which.  But, I am glad she’s here.  I cannot glean from the wisdom of her years.  Alzheimer’s has taken that from us.   Although she does have definite opinions which she does not temper through a filter.  “What possessed you to get your hair cut like that?”

Again, patiently I hope, I explain that my middle school students raised quite a bit of money for the chance to cut my hair.  They raised $253.00 and got to shave my head.  Do I look funny?  I don’t much care if I do.  No matter how the wind blows, my hair stays out of my face.  I can wash my hair, face, neck, and ears with only a drop of shampoo.  I am only mildly concerned that the ‘cowlick’ on my crown will stand proudly when all the rest of my hair decides to lie flat against my scalp.

“This isn’t the Thanksgiving we had planned, is it?”

Well, no.  But for today I am thankful that I still have my mother with me.  I’m grateful that I can fetch and carry for her–her foot is broken.  She believes that the boot/splint causes her foot to hurt.  “No, mama.  The boot helps it heal.  You broke your foot.”

“Well, how did I do that?  I sure didn’t expect to spend Thanksgiving in a cast.”

I’m sure you didn’t, mama, but we are all thankful that it was your foot and not your head.”

“Well, I guess that’s right.”