Lessons From Children or Hookers and Salads

So, I’m trying to lose weight. Maybe thin does feel better than anything tastes, but since I’ve never been thin, I’ll have to take someone else’s word for it. I’ve joined a gym. All thanks for that goes to my DIL Katie. She has also become my workout buddy. Have I lost any weight? No, but I feel better. (General muscle soreness discounted.) It helps a great deal to have someone in my corner with the same goal, i.e. helping me lose weight.

My youngest daughter is also trying to lose a few (15) pounds before prom, so she works out with us. She already found the perfect dress. It is beautiful, but I can’t share pics anywhere because the boyfriend hasn’t seen it yet.

Let me add here that he spoils her rotten. Even knowing she’s trying to lose weight, when she asked him to take her to her favorite fast food restaurant, he didn’t hesitate. He bought her a burger, fries and soda. I told her she didn’t have to eat fried stuff when she went there, that they have other options. My wonderful husband said, “Her favorite fast food restaurant has good salads. You could have gotten one of them.”

I don’t know if she heard it somewhere else and applied it to the conversation at hand, or if she made it up on the spot, but she held up a perfectly golden french fry and said, “Going to my favorite fast food restaurant for a salad is like going to the hooker on the corner for a hug.” Perhaps it is. I know I don’t head to any restaurant with the intention of eating a salad.


Let me add an especially grateful “Thank you.” to Kyle Dahlem for teaching me to love learning new words.

Your words for the week are:

  1. aegis: support or backing of a specific organization or person
  2. fatuous: silly, foolish, inane, asinine, pointless
  3. garrulous: excessively chatty especially when expounding on trivial matters
    1. I think we all know someone who simply must add everything they know to every conversation. Sometimes, I’m the guilty party.
    2. This is only here because I know you don’t put a 1. if you don’t put a 2.
  4. prate: to talk foolishly or tediously about something (I think prate and prattle sound sillier or funnier than garrulous. But, both sound quite boring.)
  5. perspicuous: to explain clearly without distraction, to make easily understood, a closely related word is limpid. A close cousin is perspicacity which means to have a ready insight into and understanding of things, keen.

Have an awesome and productive week.

Isaiah 40:31