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Time and Tides

Time and tides wait for no man. Each second flows inexorably into the next and the next. No quarter is given. None. No excuses. No reasons. Time does not have the capacity to care. Whether your boat tilts sideways on the sand or is moored to the dock or anchored in deep water, tides ebb and flow. In and out, up and down. Without. Your. Input.

You are not in charge of everything. You are only responsible for your choices. Not someone else’s. You. Are. Not. In. Charge.

Forgive what needs forgiven. Forgive yourself, too. Move. On.


Yellow and red leaves belie summer’s grip on this afternoon. How soon until all those beautiful leaves have gone brown and begun to enrich the soil?

Our chickens meander around the pen as though they have nothing else to do but listen for grubs burrowing underground. Maybe they don’t.

It is a beautiful day, and the yard needs mowed. Keep our country and leaders in your prayers.

Graduation–all but one

I went to a graduation ceremony on Mother’s Day. Frankly, I was surprised that a school would schedule graduation on that holiday. The woman I sat next to informed me that it is a tradition in that town.  So be it. Traditions are important.

One part of their tradition was that each senior carried a rose in with them as the school band–sans seniors–played Pomp and Circumstance over and over and over. I was glad there were only thirty or so graduates, P and C not being one of my favorite melodies. A few more niceties observed, the graduates stood, found their mothers in the crowd and, as tradition dictated, delivered the beautiful red roses to their mothers.

All but one.

One young senior who’d been escorted in by an adult male, looked frantically around from his spot in the back row.  He remained rooted in that spot until long after all his classmates returned to their seats from hugs and roses. At last, he bowed his head and cried as he slowly sank into his chair. From my vantage point behind him, I ached inside as his shoulders continued to shake in his grief. The woman next to me handed me a tissue and dabbed her eyes, too.  His escort wrapped a comforting arm about the young man’s shoulders, but it wasn’t enough.

What secret tragedy kept that mother from her son’s graduation? I am sure I’ll never know. I am also sure that nothing I can do will erase even one tear from his heart-rending disappointment. Maybe her car wouldn’t start and she walked the distance getting there too late for the rose ceremony.  Maybe someone she depended on for a ride forgot to pick her up. Maybe she was too drunk to drive. (Maybe she was focused on the story she was writing and didn’t notice time escaping her until it was too late–I hope not.)

Whatever the reason for her absence, it is not fixable now. That moment has passed and cannot be changed. I give you this tiny admonition: Let your family know you love them while they are still around to love. Don’t wait to give them flowers that you lay upon their graves.

Sorry this is a downer, but there are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who need this tiny bit of encouragement to step past whatever pain holds them captive and allow themselves to forgive not only sins of commission but sins of omission, too.

Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted.




Lessons from Life

Boy, do I feel loved! I have 154 more comments to look at on Facebook for my birthday. That doesn’t count all the Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram well wishes.  Yesterday was the big 59. My last year in my 50s. Wow. Where has time gone?

I just finished writing a short story (less than 500 words) inspired by a writing prompt of a yellow rose on an old piano. I bawled all the way through it because I knew how it would end. And sure enough, it did. Sometimes, we write stories; sometimes we only record them.  And that my friend is my lesson from life. I am not always in charge of how the story ends.

Blessings to you and yours


Isaiah 40:31

Lessons from Facebook

cropped-img_0076.jpgEveryone needs a place to belong! Please join me at the first ever Enid Writers’ Fest. It will be on Saturday, March 4, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Public Library of Enid and Garfield County and the Enid Writers Club have teamed up to make a wonderful connection between readers and writers. Come and enjoy meeting some of your favorite authors. I will be there with my debut novel, A PLACE TO BELONG.


December 5th is the last freebie day! Be sure you download your copy of my new book today.  If you don’t manage to get it downloaded today, you can always pay the $4.99 and get it tomorrow.  Here’s the link.

Self publishing is about as much work as I imagined.  It is much more jumping through hoops than I thought it would be.  That being said, they warned me about upcoming hoops in time for me to trip on them.  LOL!

Blessings to all of you.  Keep reading, keep writing, be kind.



I looked out the window several times this morning hoping to see a beautiful sunrise. It didn’t happen. Too many clouds crowded in between me and the horizon. A few clouds can add interest to a sunrise. Dirt in the atmosphere adds a glow. This morning–nothing! At least, that’s what I thought for a moment.

Then, God said, “So, you think because you didn’t see the sun rise, it didn’t happen? I set the sun in motion eons ago. I had this sunrise planned long before you were born. Trust me. The sun rose just fine this morning–and completely without your help or input.”

Ouch. Of course it did. How very blessed I am to serve the God who hung all the stars in place and knitted me together inside my mother’s womb. He orders my steps. He prepares a way before me in the presence of my enemies. Even if I have to walk through a shadowy valley, he is there to comfort and protect me. Blessed be the name of the Lord, my rock and my fortress!

Blessings to you and yours, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Your words of the week:

  1. gratitude: more than just being thankful, it implies giving back
  2. bounty: large amounts of good things
  3. family: people who share a strong connection and usually blood ties
  4. providence: the protection of God, wisdom, timely preparation for future needs
  5. sagacity: (Yes, I used this one in March.) canny, wise, intelligent, understanding, good judgement


A Place to Belong

It is finally published.  I can’t believe it is really done.  Yes, I have published a book on Kindle.  (A Place to Belong)

Is there anyone out there more surprised than me?

Now, off to write book 2 in the series. . . .

Your words for the week are

crazy: insane

wonderful: can’t believe it’s done!

amazing: see wonderful

nap: a necessary reprieve for writers who stay up too late

job: something writers do to support themselves



Isaiah 40:31




Too blessed to be stressed

Except the holidays are coming up.  I’m glad I’m done with my Christmas shopping.

I met with an agent over the weekend.  I need to send her 25 pages and a summary.  Two of my daughters are turning into awesome writers. My meager talents pale in comparison.

Just made some homemade bread.  It is awesome with the strawberry jelly I made a few weeks ago.

I’m down 14 pounds since the middle of June.  I’ve hit a small plateau, but I know that I’m going to lose much more.  It is only a matter of time.

I’m starting a walking club at school.  If you’d like to donate a prize to the first kid (or to one of the first several kids) to walk 100 miles, I’d love to partner with you.  Contest starts Monday!

Staying busy, but I know you are, too.

Your words for the week (or month or so) are:

  1.  capricious:  fickle, temperamental, volatile
  2. enigma:  puzzle, mysterious, difficult to figure out
  3. curiosity: strong desire to understand or figure out
  4. anticipation:  excitement or suspense, looking forward to something.
  5. anguish:  severe mental or physical pain


Be blessed!


Isaiah 40:31

A Little Bit Busy

So, I got a part time job this summer.  I asked for 10 to 15 hours a week but they gave me 30 or more.  When school started, I filled out the paperwork again requesting 15 hours or less.  I’m scheduled for 23 hours this week. I’m not complaining–they’ll pay me for every hour.  I’m a little busy; I’m also teaching school and I have 3 preps, 7-8 grade technology engineering, robotics, and 6th grade intro to technology.

I volunteer at church and try to write/re-write/edit at least an hour a day.  If you think I’m ignoring you and not adequately appreciating you as a friend, I apologize.  These are only excuses.  I know several people who make me look lazy in comparison.

The good news is that I’m trying to get a book ready to publish.  Pray for me.  I’m behind on my self-imposed schedule.

God is good.

Your words for this week are honor, integrity, fidelity, credible, and magnanimous.

1.  Honor:  privilege, glory, credit

2.  Integrity:  strong and high moral values

3.  Fidelity:  faithfulness.  This can be to a cause or another person, or a belief.

4.  Credible:  believable

5.  Magnanimous:  generous with money or forgiveness especially to one who is weaker or less powerful.




Isaiah 40:31