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I want to see how my talent progresses. I am looking forward to becoming more than I am now! The items in this category are from my 2014 posts.

Funny thing, jealousy.

My truck broke down. While it was in the shop a friend loaned me his Miata convertible. I was in Tulsa Monday and Tuesday of last week. I could say that I was driving home, but that would be an understatement. I had the top down and was singing at the top of my lungs. I wasn’t speeding much.  I didn’t have to speed.  The speed limit was 75.

Yes, you’re right.  Even at 75 miles per hour, I am much too pale to have been sitting in the sun that long.  The thought really stayed in my mind for a long time.  “This is going to hurt tomorrow!  It feels great today.”  My face is peeling–not pretty!
Back to the jealousy.  I passed a two-toned pickup truck. You know the kind. The cab is one color and the bed is another, entirely different color. The tailgate particularly caught my attention because it matched most of the cab. I think the driver’s door matched the bed.  It was closer to the orange of the bed than it was to the blue of the cab.

I was jealous because he was in a truck and I was not.  Did I mention that I was in a wonderful mood?  I was surprised by jealousy.  I was offended that I was jealous of that ratty old truck!  So, I turned it into a song.  It’s terribly funny.  I made fun of me for being envious of his tail gate.  Tail gates are extremely useful.  The song mentions a few of them.  I think Toby Keith could take the song to #1.  If you know Toby, have him contact me.   If it doesn’t make it to the top ten, he won’t owe me a dime in royalties.  (At least that’s my plan of the moment.)

Cruisin along in my pick-em-up truck                                        Laughing at your ’cause your ride really sucks.                              You should have thought ‘fore you signed on that line                 Tail gate envy hurts every time.

You get the drift.  There’s much more, but it is still a work in progress.  Aren’t we all works in progress?

Blessings to you and yours

Be good to people.  Most of them are hurting.



Thank you!

That was the first thing I wanted to say.  I want to thank God for readers and writers.  I want to thank you for visiting my page!  I’m VERY new at this, so if you’re expecting perfection, you’re on the wrong page.  I’m learning!

This is a journey!  I am trying many new things this year.  We went on our first cruise.  I am trying to finish a dozen novels.  I have finished six novels and am working on getting them published.  More to come on that front!

Today I am getting used to a new laptop.  Most of the keys are in the right place.  The delete key is most definitely in the wrong place.  I keep hitting ‘end’ instead!  I only wish that was the biggest mistake I’ll make today.

I am also getting used to Office 365.  It was much easier than making the jump from ’07 to ’10!  So, life is a learning experience.  Did I mention that I am thankful for auto correct?  Sometimes I am.  Not always!  I am always grateful for people like you who are willing to love me on this adventure we call life!

Love and blessings to you and yours,