Wonderful days to come . . .

I am married to Mr. Wonderful!  Every day I am grateful that he is in my life.  Not every husband is perfect.  Mine is closer to perfection than anyone else’s.  Still on our honeymoon?  Well, yes.  Quite frankly we are.  We’ve only been married a scant eighteen years.  It will be nineteen years this summer.

Everyday that I can get out of bed by myself is a good day.  Lord, help me remember to be thankful for that much.

Everyday that I have enough to eat is a good day.  Lord, help me remember to be grateful for that much–and not overdo it.

Everyday that someone needs me to do anything is a good day.  Not being needed would be a sad place to be.  Help me remember to be grateful that I can help other people.  Help me to be willing to help others.

Help me remember where I once was.  Lord, it has been a very long time since I’ve taken time and remembered what all you’ve brought me through.

Thank you, Father!


This week’s words are chivying, circumspect, convivial, curmudgeon

  1. Chivy:  to tell someone repeatedly to do something.  (Go clean your room.)
  2. Circumspect:  careful, guarded, unwilling to take risks
  3. Convivial:  usually refers to an event or an atmosphere rarely used to describe people, but it means friendly, lively, joyful
  4. Curmudgeon:  not convivial at all!  bad tempered, cranky, surly
  5. Debauch:  to destroy innocence or purity.  Debauchery is corrupting or ruining.


Enjoy your words.  I hope you’re finding them useful!




Inklings and Critiques

I have two small groups that meet on a regular basis.  One meets every Sunday morning at 8:30.  That group I call Inklings.  On Sunday mornings the lesson can go out the window and sometimes does.  This group’s primary goal is for each member to get one step closer to Jesus.  And then, one more step closer.  We also do a small craft item.  Some of the members are phenomenal artists.  Makes me wonder what I’m doing leading this awesome group.  This week we are setting up notebooks for the class, and making name plaques.

On the second Friday night of every month a group of serious writers meet at my house.  That group is Inklings Critique.  We read each other’s submissions and mark all over them.  Some of our comments are funny.   (My fifteen-year-old is a  grammar Nazi and a comedian.)  Most of the comments are constructive.  Most of the comments are words.  Did I mention that my daughter is also an artist?  She can be very informative with  tiny sketches.

This week’s words are:

archetype:  typical example of someone or something.  The archetypical cowboy wears boots, jeans, and a western hat.  His name decorates the back of his leather belt.

assiduous:  showing great care.  Assiduity is the constant attentive concern to what one is doing.

avaricious:  Greedy!  having (or maybe showing) an extreme greed for wealth or material gain or goods.  stingy, penny pinching, ungenerous

avuncular:  Uncle-ish.  His avuncular good humor and patience won the day.

imbroglio: an extremely confusing, complicated, or embarrassing situation or mess!  It was quite an imbroglio when her  husband and boyfriend both showed up drunk and angry.

Here’s to a wonderful week for you and yours. I hope you enjoyed the blog and vocabulary.


Isaiah 40:31