Too blessed to be stressed

Except the holidays are coming up.  I’m glad I’m done with my Christmas shopping.

I met with an agent over the weekend.  I need to send her 25 pages and a summary.  Two of my daughters are turning into awesome writers. My meager talents pale in comparison.

Just made some homemade bread.  It is awesome with the strawberry jelly I made a few weeks ago.

I’m down 14 pounds since the middle of June.  I’ve hit a small plateau, but I know that I’m going to lose much more.  It is only a matter of time.

I’m starting a walking club at school.  If you’d like to donate a prize to the first kid (or to one of the first several kids) to walk 100 miles, I’d love to partner with you.  Contest starts Monday!

Staying busy, but I know you are, too.

Your words for the week (or month or so) are:

  1.  capricious:  fickle, temperamental, volatile
  2. enigma:  puzzle, mysterious, difficult to figure out
  3. curiosity: strong desire to understand or figure out
  4. anticipation:  excitement or suspense, looking forward to something.
  5. anguish:  severe mental or physical pain


Be blessed!


Isaiah 40:31

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