A Little Bit Busy

So, I got a part time job this summer.  I asked for 10 to 15 hours a week but they gave me 30 or more.  When school started, I filled out the paperwork again requesting 15 hours or less.  I’m scheduled for 23 hours this week. I’m not complaining–they’ll pay me for every hour.  I’m a little busy; I’m also teaching school and I have 3 preps, 7-8 grade technology engineering, robotics, and 6th grade intro to technology.

I volunteer at church and try to write/re-write/edit at least an hour a day.  If you think I’m ignoring you and not adequately appreciating you as a friend, I apologize.  These are only excuses.  I know several people who make me look lazy in comparison.

The good news is that I’m trying to get a book ready to publish.  Pray for me.  I’m behind on my self-imposed schedule.

God is good.

Your words for this week are honor, integrity, fidelity, credible, and magnanimous.

1.  Honor:  privilege, glory, credit

2.  Integrity:  strong and high moral values

3.  Fidelity:  faithfulness.  This can be to a cause or another person, or a belief.

4.  Credible:  believable

5.  Magnanimous:  generous with money or forgiveness especially to one who is weaker or less powerful.




Isaiah 40:31


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