When people ask . . .

How have you been?  Most who ask that question are waiting to let you know how they’ve been or what they’ve been doing.  So, I ask, “How have you been?”  and “What have you been doing?”  You’re right!  I want to tell you what’s new in my life.

  1. I now have an LLC.  I was told I needed one to protect me and my rights as a published author.
  2. I now have a copyright!  That part was easy.  Go to the Secretary of State’s website and pay your $35.  Upload your work.  When you’re filling out the necessary forms, read the instructions on each page.  Many times you simply click one box and it fills in everything for you.
  3. Hopefully, my debut novel,  A PLACE TO BELONG, will be available on Amazon/Kindle later this summer.  It is in the hands of beta readers now.
  4. Thank you so much for walking with me in this adventure I call life.  (Okay, I admit it.  You’ve been there all along.  That isn’t new–I do have a new appreciation for you, though.)
  5. One more new thing.  It will go away soon, I hope.  The strap on my computer bag unclicked itself Saturday morning as I was walking into St. Luke’s UMC for the monthly meeting of Oklahoma City Writers, Inc.  The bag with computer, iPad, binders, and extra paraphernalia slid from my shoulder and crashed.  The corner of the bag landed on my foot.   The Bible says that your mouth is directly attached to your heart.  (From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.)  My heart must be absolutely empty.  I didn’t say a word.  I couldn’t.  Yesterday, five days later, I noticed a bruise on top of my foot.  There is a matching bruise on the bottom of my foot.  I’ll bet it goes all the way through.  It’s about 2″ in diameter.  I wonder if anything was broken.  Hurts to walk on it, but not badly enough that I can’t ignore it.

What’s new with you?

Here’s your words for the week.

  1. imprecation:  A curse, spoken.  He spewed his imprecations at my rapidly retreating back.
  2. gelid: really cold.  It can describe winter, winds, comments . . .  His gelid reply caused me to blink in surprise.
  3. grimoire:  a book of spells or incantations, chants, charms, hexes, mumbo-jumbo.  A grand grimoire would be all of a witch’s spells.
  4. magnanimous:  very generous or giving, very forgiving especially when you’re forgiving someone who is not capable of restitution.  Jesus magnanimously forgives my sins.
  5. deleterious:  harmful or causing damage, really bad.  That child has a deleterious impact on the children in his neighborhood.



Isaiah 40:31

One thought on “When people ask . . .”

  1. I went to the doctor a week ago Friday. (Yes, I waited two months to go.) My foot is/was broken. There’s a piece of bone where it doesn’t belong. Waiting on radiologist report to see if we need to do anything about it. Yes, as a matter of fact, it does still hurt!


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