I looked out the window several times this morning hoping to see a beautiful sunrise. It didn’t happen. Too many clouds crowded in between me and the horizon. A few clouds can add interest to a sunrise. Dirt in the atmosphere adds a glow. This morning–nothing! At least, that’s what I thought for a moment.

Then, God said, “So, you think because you didn’t see the sun rise, it didn’t happen? I set the sun in motion eons ago. I had this sunrise planned long before you were born. Trust me. The sun rose just fine this morning–and completely without your help or input.”

Ouch. Of course it did. How very blessed I am to serve the God who hung all the stars in place and knitted me together inside my mother’s womb. He orders my steps. He prepares a way before me in the presence of my enemies. Even if I have to walk through a shadowy valley, he is there to comfort and protect me. Blessed be the name of the Lord, my rock and my fortress!

Blessings to you and yours, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Your words of the week:

  1. gratitude: more than just being thankful, it implies giving back
  2. bounty: large amounts of good things
  3. family: people who share a strong connection and usually blood ties
  4. providence: the protection of God, wisdom, timely preparation for future needs
  5. sagacity: (Yes, I used this one in March.) canny, wise, intelligent, understanding, good judgement


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