Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.  Today is my oldest daughter’s.  Next week is my daughter-in-law’s birthday.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Ted’s Escondido by the Outlet Mall in OKC.

Those of you who know me well know that I collect music boxes.  But, the music has to fit the box.  I have a phone that plays I Just Called to Say I Love You.  I have a teddy bear holding a globe that plays It’s a Small World.  A beer stein plays How Dry I Am, my trolley car chimes out the dulcet tones of I Left My Heart in San Francisco.   My clowns all play Here Come the Clowns. 

What I didn’t have until Sunday was a music box dancer that played Music Box Dancer.  I’ve been looking for one for years.  I was probably too picky.  I wanted a pink and white jewelry box with a pop up ballerina that played the right song.  You guessed it.  They all played something else.

But my wonderful children–especially the second one–found a beautiful jewelry box, perfect in pink, white, and gold,  With some help from her brother-in-law, they changed out the musical mechanism for one that played the right tune.   So, yes, Sunday at Ted’s I cried.  I still get teary when I think about how very much I am loved.

I hope each and everyone of you has someone in their life that loves them as much as I am loved even though that much love is a huge responsibility.

Blessings to you and yours.

Isaiah 40:31



This week’s words are:

apotheosis:  the highest point in the development of something, culmination, climax

apropos: with reference to, concerning, about

arcane; mysterious, secret, or perhaps only understandable by few

farinaceous:  flour or cereal made with grains, nuts, or starchy roots

fecund:  producing or able to produce an abundance of offspring, fertile.  Our neighbor’s garden has particularly fecund soil.

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