Happy Holy-day

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holy-days.

When clerks tell me “Happy Holidays.”  I reply with “Merry Christmas and Happy Holy-day. ”  If nothing else, it does make them–and everyone else in line–think about their salutation.

I remember going out with Dad on the weekend after Thanksgiving and chopping/sawing down a tiny tree for our living room.  It always amazed me how much the tree stretched and swelled when we tugged it in through the door.  It was tiny outside and huge inside.  Some people are like that.  Not much on the outside, but all heart.

Ah, memories.  Hot tea with toast when the tree was decorated.  Dad made better tea than Mom did.  I think it was because he wasn’t worried about how much sugar we ate, he went to work and Mom was the one stuck in the house with five hyper kids.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Isaiah 40:31

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