That smells great!

I walked into my office where a beautiful zebra striped Scentsy warmer perfumes the air with coffee. Coffee? Coffee it is. I put a plain tea-light sans aluminum cup and a tablespoon of freshly ground coffee into the wax holder. I’m telling you it is awesome! The coffee was a gift from a friend who LOVES coffee. *Thank you Krista R.*
The first time–and every time since–that I’ve put coffee grounds in my warmer, I’ve been reminded of David’s prayer in Psalm 141. “May my prayers come before your presence like incense.”

Imagine this:
God is sitting on his throne surrounded by hundreds of adoring angels. His eyes are focused on one tiny makeshift altar here on Earth. His nostrils flare and God breathes slowly and deeply. A tiny trail of what might be smoke lifts from that tiny Earth-bound soul and spirals around our Holy Father in a peaceful, unhurried ballet. Saint Peter walks in and immediately his eyes track to God’s face and the strange smokiness that is almost an entity on its own.
Peter sniffs and smells the smoke. Just as God is almost mesmerized by the essence, so is our impetuous Peter. “I’ve smelled that a time or two before this. What is it?” He breathes in deeply, slowly almost drugged by the magnificent spice. It is quite unlike anything else–ever.
Peter repeats slowly, “W h a t i s i t?” He continues to pull the smoke into his lungs savoring, almost tasting the powerful emanation.
God says, “That’s what it smells like to me when Lorelei takes time out of her busyness and simply praises me. When she isn’t asking for anything for herself or anyone else. This is the greatest gift she ever gives to me. It is the powerful life changing praises from my favorite child.
“But,” Peter continues his questioning, “doesn’t she praise you every Sunday at church? Why don’t we smell it then?”
“We do smell it then.” God answers. “It is part of a bouquet then and not a single flower’s essence. It smells different, better when she makes time to spend alone with me. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“May my prayers come before your presence like incense.” May it happen often.


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