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Thank God, I’m perfect.

Actually, I’m not.  Everyone who knows me knows for sure and certain that I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be.  Still, I wish my friends could be better examples for me.

This week’s words are mostly in the ‘a’ section of the dictionary.  I love learning new words and hope you do, too.

  1. absquatulate:  when it’s funny that someone leaves in a hurry, you can say they absquatulated.  So, I guess the definition is a laughable leaving.
  2. acerbic:  this word usually refers to someone’s speech.  For example, his acerbic wit.  Think acidic or sour, sharp, biting words.
  3. alacrity:  brisk and cheerful readiness.  The students changed into their Halloween costumes with alacrity.  (So would I for a plastic pumpkin full of candy.)
  4. animus:  hostility, ill wishes, evil thoughts.  He prepared the noose with more than the usual animus.  (Think animosity.)
  5. conker:  I couldn’t resist this one (I tossed anthelmintic in its favor.)  A conker would be an acorn if it fell from an oak tree instead of a horse chestnut tree.  Since I’ve never seen a horse chestnut tree or a conker either, for that matter, I shall leave you to enjoy this post and go look up images of conkers and horse chestnut trees.



Isaiah 40:31