Lessons from friends

No, you don’t have to share my political views to enjoy this bit of humor.

A friend of ours who delivers and sets up equipment has encountered mind boggling beliefs and behavior. I’m almost afraid to write it down. It feels like committing it to print makes it more understandable.

He has come across a growing number of people who don’t want to go through all the hassles of changing their address when they move, so they take their mailbox with them. Yep, you got it. They imagine that the mailbox determines the address, not the location of said mailbox. And, those people vote.

I know I’ve made some (according to friends and family who claim to love me) stupid mistakes, but that one doesn’t happen to be one of mine. The people who dislike me probably have a bigger list of my errors. Moving your mailbox makes sense in a very warped and one sided way. I wish it worked. The USPS has a hard enough time getting all our mail to us in a timely manner the way it is. What if our addresses were portable like some home phone numbers? What a nightmare for the letter carriers! “I know it was here yesterday.”

I still collect words I don’t know in my word box. I hope you do, too.

Your words of the week (or fortnight) are as follows:

mendacity: lying, corruption, untruthfulness,

oubliette: a secret dungeon accessible through a hole in the ceiling. According to some websites, the holes were too deep to crawl out of and frequently so tiny that a prisoner couldn’t even turn around!

perspicacity: perception, having a ready insight into and understanding of events and motives, keen, sharp, discerning

poltroon: utter coward, a weakling, a yellowbelly (Why, he’s got a yellow stripe a mile wide down his back.)

taciturn: saying little, reserved to the point of appearing snooty, uncommunicative in speech.



Isaiah 40:31

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